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    This is an excellent & thoughtful initiative, I will be very glad to helpMilan Chowksi

    The incredible efforts of Avvya towards supporting the needy people are worth all the accolade. The young philanthropist has proved that his heart beats with compassion and empathy.I am glad I could share some resources in support of his initiative to help the Earth Saviour Foundation. God Bless!!Aman Hora

    Bless you Son! You're doing a noble deed.Jatender Mehta

    Very nice work !! Keep it UpMinky Chawla

    Really Proud of you for doing such a great thing. Keep it Up!! Amrita Alagh

    Dear Avvya, it’s a very noble cause and I will be very honoured to be a part of your efforts to help mankindCapt. Abhimanyu Singh

    Looks great Avvya, I’ll be very happy to support such & noble causeAkash Singhal

    Well done, I’m proud of you always, with youGoldy (Vikas Dayma)

    A very noble causeRajat Sikka

    Great Work Avvya, God BlessPreety Chadha

    Great! Keep up the good work !Amitabh Bose

    Great initiative, surely will be a part of this causeSurbhi Manah

    Avvya, so proud of you for taking up this noble cause, will definitely be a part of thisMumtaz Siddhiqui

    A wonderful initiative, I’m sure your parents are so proud of you!Chandrima Bose

    I must share , that I am so proud of you. A young man to devote time and effort to this noble cause.Yogesh Batra

    Avvya, you are doing really good work. Keep it up, I’ll be glad to help!Lovy Khosla

    I’m so delighted, to see that you are a part & this noble causeBindya Narula

    It’s a very noble cause and it will be my pleasure to support your efforts!Sonali Kochar

    It's a great initiative most people think of doing something for others,but only a few take action. You are doing this at such a young age. I am sure you will become an inspiration for others. Wishing you all the best and God bless you. Kshitij Arora

    I truly feel humbled and amazed seeing young boys and girls getting involved in a humanitarian cause.In the era of "I" to think and do for someone else is truly amazing. God Bless Avvya for making me part of something so special.Disha Batra

    I was truly touched by Avvya's kindness concern and efforts towards the under privileged of our society.His foundation is an exemplary body of work for today's youth. Garima Nagpal

    The Earth Saviour is a brilliant initiative by a young boy – Avvya Seth, who wants to give back to society in every possible way and work for the welfare of the people. Priya Verma

    Adopt an Earth Saviour is an incredible step taken by Avvya in making a huge difference in the world around him. This endeavour shows his charisma, confidence and strong values and his passion towards social progress. He is one of rare people who really put their heart and soul in betterment of society and make it happen. He serves as an inspiration for future endeavours. I am truly indebted to him for making me a part of his empathetic project.Vaibhav Dhingra

    I was truly impressed with Avvya’s dedication to the cause and his persistence. His persistence to follow up and brief me on this cause motivated me to contribute to the foundation. – Pankaj Renjhen

    Avvya’s interest for such a noble cause is incredible!! At such a young age it’s very thoughtful of him to give back to the society... so very proud of him!! keep it up :-Anu Munjal

    I hope you will continue to be part of this NGO and help for the betterment of our society. Young people like you need to participate and alleviate pains and poverty from our society. The future belongs to you.DP Singh

    Avvya, it’s commendable that at such a young age you have the welfare of the under - privileged in your heart. Please keep up the good work and god bless you!.Monica Bose

    I am so proud of u! It is so nice to see kids of your age take such initiatives for the society!! God Bless You.Indu Seth

    It’s very inspiring to see the young generation take to social causes like Rehabilitation and charity for the under - privileged. One such a young man is Avvya Seth, who has undertaken this noble cause, with his project with ”The Earth Saviours Foundation”. It is a very well structured and coordinated effort to collect the sponsorships for individuals who require this support. I wish Avvya all the very best for his endeavours.Mandeep Singh Johar

    It was great heart warming to see Avvya working for under – privileged at such a young age, he has passion and grit to achieve higher goals in his life, may God bless you. keep risingKamakshi Nagar

    Dear Avvya the initiative you have taken at this you age to get involved in charitable work will go a long way in your character building. Always remember what Mother Teressa said. IT IS NOT HOW MUCH WE GIVE but HOW MUCH LOVE WE PUT IN GIVING. Continue this great work with compassion and kindness.Kavita Batra

    Dear Avvya, It’s commendable how you have at your age taken such a noble task upon yourself. You are an example for your generation. This mission is not only a good deed but also a stepping stone towards building a great society. Wish you all the luck in your endeavours.Vishal & Elisha Wadhwani

    It is a pleasure to know Avvya, at such a young age working towards a noble cause like this completely overwhelming. Great going Avvya !! Kudos to such kids, God Bless !!Shibani & Sumit Maini